Is the bullshit in your head preventing you from getting your passion project off the ground?

You want to try something new, earn money and have an impact with something you love. But as soon as you consider taking action, you get stuck in a weird space between dreamland and reality, filled with worries and anxiety. And you don’t make magic happen in that place.


Because of Business Bullshit, an umbrella term for all the fruitless clutter in your head deriving from:

  • The perceived necessity of a business plan and a perfect solution in place before you begin to attempt to sell anything (what were you thinking!)

  • A perceived dissonance between your authentic self and the person you feel you’d have to be in order to confidently, consistently and publicly sell

  • General selling phobia and money mindfuck

  • Opinions about what running a viable business requires (for which you seem to lack the funds, network, knowledge, adequate near-death experience, gigantic social following, triple PhD and/or luscious hair)

  • Unhelpful self-talk about how you are not good enough

  • Outdated beliefs such as “you can’t possibly do good, feel good AND make good money at the same time”

  • Well-meaning people telling you to get a ‘real’ job because your relentless commitment to dreaming out of the box makes them uncomfortable

  • Goal-setting gone wrong (wrong goals or goals that move further away as you approach them, which is especially business-lethal in combination with “I will take care of myself once I’ve reached that goal”)


Oh no! What to do?

Enter: Women Working Magic.

I have helped hundreds of people to transform their bullshit and tap into what lies beyond. This course guides you from dreaming to doing. The methodology has evolved from working with real entrepreneurs with real dreams and a real desire to make happy cash.

Disclaimer: You are not being sold a 7-step plan to 7 figures in 7 minutes and you are also not going to get a magic cure to eternally get rid of the business bullshit in your cerebrum.

How does Women Working Magic work?

WOMEN WORKING MAGIC a business development course powered by your dreams and the overwhelmed, scared, procrastinating-on-the-couch parts of yourself. Because business magic requires all of you.

Phase 1: DREAM

Remember why it all began, reconnect with your energy of possibility and how you want your business to feel. Because entrepreneurial endeavours begin in sentences that begin with "what if...".


What you get: a comprehensive vision for your business and life (turns out business is part of your life), clarity on the emotional pull behind your goals, the ability to discern what you really desire.

Phase 2: ASK

No matter where you are, there is one thing you need from the world in order to bring your thing into reality - feedback, ideas, help, money... The secret is distilling your to do list to the one thing you really need, knowing how to ask the question and then finding the guts to go out and ask it.

What you get: Boiling down overwhelm to the essential one-item to do list. Instructions for who to ask and how, including email and conversation templates. The end goal is a clear idea on what to sell.


Phase 3: SELL

In its essence, a sale is someone saying yes to something you have created. You will learn exactly what a sale looks like for you now in practical terms (and you can sell something, even if you have nothing in your hands right now). It will lie right at the edge of your comfort zone and feel both exciting and slightly terrifying.

What you get: Clarity on the easiest way to sell what you want to sell (it’s probably less fancy than you think), pitch advice, intuition- and client-driven pricing advice. And most importantly, a deadline and accountability.


Integrate the lessons learned in an expanded stop-doing list and summarised business clarity. Align giving and receiving. Decide where and how you will invest your energy in fertile rich ways going forward.


What you get: tools to answer the question “what do you do”, a plan to move forward, a daily and monthly productivity ritual based on balanced giving and receiving (because there’s really no use in you burning out - I’ve tried that).


...Wait, what about the business bullshit?

Bullshit Transformation is an integral part of each step. While you DREAM you’ll work with BS like “you are never going to make money with that” or “what does dreaming even have to do with business?”. During ASK you’ll need guts-inducing tools and an anti-perfectionism intervention. Your SELL bullshit will likely consist of a long list of things you need to do before you are allowed to make money. Plus some general money mindfuck. We’ll make sure you allow yourself to shine now. During INTEGRATE you’ll look at all the BS ideas about what success means and what your ego thinks you should hold off doing “until you are successful”.

The best part? I’ll create more as we go, responding to your real-time needs in an ever-growing bullshit library.


What is Women Working Magic based on?

I’m Anaïs, the creator of the brand Let's Work Magic and you’re getting to know a framework I developed and refined with over 300 entrepreneurs over the last 5 years. It originated from my desire to conquer my own business bullshit when I became self-employed at 23. I have dedicated 3 years and a Masters degree in Organizational Behaviour to researching the future of work, the isolation of self-employed online workers and female entrepreneurship. This course constitutes the tried and tested collection of my favourite methodologies and is based on a few core beliefs:

  • Inspired imperfection is the best way to make your first money
  • While money will not make you happier and the global monetary system is sick and needs healing, I believe in earning and investing money consciously
  • The future of work requires the conscious use of both sides of your brain and since we’ve been pretty left-brain sided that means: more business dreaming, productivity cuddling and honest co-creation… and then observing the measurable results. 
  • Good business means doing good, feeling good and making good money
  • We all have something to learn and teach
  • Absolutely everybody has their own kind of business bullshit
  • Business bullshit loses most of its power once identified with humour
  • Vulnerability + courage are superpowers to create connection with people
  • Connection with people is the best way to gain customers
Anais Bock founder of lets work magic and women working magic

All the details

WOMEN WORKING MAGIC is an online business development process dripped to you in entertaining video, audio and text format over 100 days. Take 15 minutes per day or move at your own pace and rhythm.

What outcomes can you expect?  

  • A comfortable knowing of your inner tripwires and a very complete toolbox for how to handle them
  • A clear distinction between what you think you want and what you really want

  • Something you can sell. Now. Without requiring additional skills, degrees or large amounts of cash

  • A statement about what you do that feels ridiculously easy, daring and accurate

  • At least one sale

*This calculation based on you taking daily 15-minute action. The time it takes you to braid your hair (at least that's how long it takes me). If you go slower, you’ll get there slower ;-)

What's included?

  • Custom bullshit transformation techniques catered to transforming your real-time stuckness, accessed in an ever-growing bullshit transformation library

  • Have any business development or business bullshit question answered in bi-weekly live group calls that are recorded

  • Tools to define your business focus

  • Communication templates to reach out and ask for help, feedback, ideas, clients and money

  • Access to a community of relentless dreaming doers

  • Cancel anytime or be lovingly invited to cancel if it doesn’t help you show up

  • 200€/month

Anais Bock founder of Let's Work Magic and creator of Bullshit Transformation techniques

Other questions that may give you a headache if left unanswered:

Why "Women" working magic? DO YOU HATE MEN?

This course is based on the trials and tribulations most women face in the world of getting their dreams to flap their wings on their own.

Regardless of what's in your pants, if you can handle period metaphors you are welcome to apply. I LOVE men.

What kind of business dreams is this for?

I am an online business expert and have worked with people who offer online services and sell software and physical products. If you are dreaming of creating a physical product or buying an island, I will accompany you on the road to defining and pre-selling the concept, while the logistics are on you. 


What if it doesn’t work for me?

I only like selling things that work. If for whatever reason the tools I share do not work for you, I’ll refund your money. All I will need is proof that you have taken action.  

How much time should I set aside per day? I have a busy life.

I would give this 15 minutes per day, i.e. the time it takes to jump into a black dress and put on some makeup. But you can work magic at your own pace.


Not sure why but group formats Haven't worked for me. How Do I know this will?

I am totally with you on that one. In a lot of group formats there are endless lessons to consume and homework to do. In calls people don't really share their real questions and everything is just a bunch of blabla. What we have done differently is this:

1) Lessons are VERY short and VERY actionable, focusing on quality and results, 2) The guarantee is "have any BS question answered" - so you can tell me anything you are stuck with and know you will be held and 3) If you still want individual support and have proven you want this by getting to the bottom of this page, let me make you a secret offer. For 300€/month I'll chip in an individual session.


I’m not an entrepreneur yet, nor do I feel like one. Does it make sense to join? Feels a little early.

Let me tell you a story: I once didn’t sell enough tickets to a women entrepreneurs conference and when I circled back to the list of interested people who hadn't purchased a ticket, their response was “because I’m not an entrepreneur”. These were women who had been jewellery designers for 5 years, some of them were feeding families… I then learned that women very frequently have a problem with the entrepreneur tag. 

So here's a reframe: You are an entrepreneur when you can’t stop thinking about your thing. When you dream of trailblazing your own reality rather than investing your life energy in working for someone else. If that’s the case then, congratulations, the only thing separating you from being an entrepreneur is taking inspired action.


Undecided if this is for you? 

Send me a message. I won't sell this to you unless it is made for you. Pinkie swear.