If you are reading this, the chances are you are already doing an incredible job. You care about your people AND your business. You want to find ways to make work work for everyone, with ease.

My corporate philosophy is to co-create interventions with my clients, leading to truly catered content that has a measurable impact. I love strategically designing and facilitating curricula that promote sustained stakeholder joy and profitability.  Typical entry points are communication training, creative team building and developing a system for joyful customer service.

I moderate strategic meetings or events, lead workshops and run seminar series. We thereby address what is no longer working and identify actionable alternatives based on organisational psychology, a profound knowledge of hospitality management, emotional intelligence and concepts from applied kinesiology and neuroscience. The approach is playful, deep and authentic, piquing participant curiosity and motivation. 


Communication training

Let's Work Magic Corporate Stream Communication Training

Excellent communication goes beyond knowing when to say what. Only 7% of all communication is transmitted through our choice of words. The rest is made up of our tone of voice and non-verbal behaviour.

My communication training is personalised to your area and focus of choice and can be directed at internal or external communication, from giving and receiving feedback, interviewing, cross-cultural communication, to sales communication and public speaking. 

As a certified NeuroColor trainer, I'm able to help identify individual preferences and communication strengths, hereby aiding you in addressing and remedying potential disparities within the team. The result is a confident, positive team that feels appreciated and ready to tackle larger challenges together and individually. 

I love Anaïs’ sunny personality and easy-going nature! She gives lively, informative and engaging workshops and people love her. One of the most impressive aspects is her detailed knowledge of international etiquette, which comes from first-hand experience working in the hospitality industry and an international life.
— Lynne Marks, President London Image Institute

creative team building

Let's Work Magic Corporate Stream Leadership Training

True team development comes from the development of your people. My expertise is to identify and strengthen people's inherent brilliance and provide methods and tools for healthy and productive togetherness.

As a certified NeuroColor trainer, I can further help identify to the team's strengths from a personality perspective. This helps everyone discover their unique contribution to the team, how to embody their strengths and manage around their weaknesses.

These interventions nourish emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication within your team. They are frequently booked in the context of creative idea generation, Millenial talent management or female leadership development. 

Anaïs is a change maker, spending time with her is fun and insightful. She brings a quality of clear perception that causes you to re-evaluate whatever challenge you are facing. Suddenly you see you are dealing with a small obstacle rather than a mountain to be climbed. She has a lightness of being that does not skip the ‘hard stuff’ but instead embraces it all authentically, knowing that every challenge is simply a door to greater being.
— Tanmayo Lawson, Founder of Facial Harmony

joyful Customer service

Let's Work Magic Corporate Stream Customer Joy

Authentic customer service requires real people with real smiles who care about what they do. Using employee feedback and mystery shopping we find the stressors and infrastructural stagnancies within your operation. What is the source of dissatisfaction? What needs to happen in order for your people to shine?

We deduct circumstances and practices that allow this to happen consistently. I tailor training curricula including impression management, image consulting, non-verbal communication and emotional intelligence. The operational shifts help nurture intrinsic employee joy, naturally radiating to the customers' experience. 

Anaïs Bock showed an outstanding performance and significant contribution in the departments that she trained with.
— Samy Younis, Director of People Management, Kempinski Nile Hotel