Hi, I am Anaïs. It is REALLY nice to meet you.

I would like to take a risk and share my truth with you. As if you were sitting right here, munching raspberries and dark chocolate with me, rather than somewhere in the world on the other side of a screen. I am ridiculously excited about purposeful business (the kind that feels good, does good, makes good money and has everyone doing things they are good at) and believe that in light of how (fast) the world is changing, now is a good time to shift how we do this thing called work.

I have studied the overlap between our psychology and where the world is going (MSc Organisational Behaviour) and have consulted hundreds of big and small players worldwide on how to identify your business purpose and spread the word, what leadership looks like in a digital, healthy and diverse environment and what needs to shift to enable teams to increase the overlap between happiness and effectiveness.

What I do? I speak, consult and facilitate and usually get called when the status quo feels dusty and a breath of fresh air and inspired action is needed. I do well on big stages and in board rooms, working with executive leaders and senior consultants in English, Spanish and German. I am international, people-loving, and all for bringing together opposites. My work is research-driven, actionable and fun. I support people, projects, missions, and status-quo-changing ideas that revolve around becoming future-proof in human ways.

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