You want your own business purpose-driven business that feels good, does good and brings in gold?

That's my specialty.

Welcome, entrepreneur, life artist or small business owner in need of some strategic purpose-alignment, naming your brilliance and then shouting it out into the world. (Why would you need that? To attract heaps of customers who will gladly give you money.)

To boil it down to the sweet honey pot, I have helped hundreds of aspiring changemakers to bring their work dreams into form. How do I do that? I’m a method-maker. Among a few others, I’ve created the Work Magic Method - a process designed to accompany you from dream-drenched stuckness to doing in a way that is actionable, fun and courage-inducing.

These days, I work almost exclusively with leadership teams (because impact on business status quo) but I always reserve two coaching spots in my calendar for courageous dream-doers who are ripe and ready to transform their business bullshit into magic.

Think: Dreaming as a strategic business development tool. Discovering your personal Bullshit Monsters and befriending them. Expanding your awareness of How to knit your business parts together to maximise your impact, fun, mastery and income.

At this point, it would be very business savvy of me to pitch you a swoon-worthy package, but the truth is life moves so fast that it’s more about us liking one another and the stars aligning for an empty coaching slot. So, if you feel that working with me is tha thing you’d like to do, tell me why and let’s talk. (I only work with people who are a mutual hell yes and won’t ever try to sell you something you don’t really want.)

You want a purpose-driven business and you need a bit of a shove?

Talk to me!

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Working with Anais is like journeying into the house of wonders! I have not experienced a single dull moment during the entire process. Every session, every exercise, every observation was full to the brim with exploration, surprises and learning. Anais held space for me in every sense of the word. She will not let you get away with hiding behind your own bullshit, but she does it with such lightness and gentle clarity. I had no idea that working on my career in this way was even possible and that getting my shit together could be coupled with such deep self-exploration, healing and fun! She delivered exactly what I needed, when I needed it and pulled out so much passion and inspiration that it is difficult for me to even view this as work! To create in this way, with this much joy is a true blessing.
— Sara El Sawi, Founder of Women by the Sea