Deep Hospitality Test for holistic hotels

Careers are usually construed as ladders. The higher you climb, the more responsibility, pay, recognition and interesting projects you get...


Unfortunately a defining characteristic of ladders is that they need to stand somewhere, firmly. 

You are an international globetrotting person who gets to see the world, immerse deeply into different cultures, enrich your perspectives and cross more things off your bucket list than any other person dares to have on there. 


But there is one problem: your career.



How does the deep hospitality test work?
The scientific facts are explained in easy ways, making energy work incredibly enriching and fun. I learned tools to consciously create an atmosphere of joy, for myself and my surroundings, and to switch vibes within seconds. The results, both the measurable scientific and experience-based, are immediately perceived.
— Georg Aurbacher, Sales Manager Posthotel, Healing Hotel of the World
The results of the deep hospitality test are holistic

Many international people who periodically switch locations feel that they have to start from zero every time they move or refrain from investing in their career when they are abroad. Except that is no longer true.

With today’s technological developments, international thinking, increasingly horizontal organisational structures, cross-boundary and cross-disciplinary organisations having an online career is becoming more and more normal. 



The boundaries between career and purpose are blurring. A career is no longer about how to exchange time for money. It’s about finding ways to take action for a purpose and with an outcome that someone is willing to pay for. 


Hi, I’m Anaïs and I grew up as part of a globetrotting diplomatic family.

Anais Bock Deep Hospitality Test Co-Founder

My parents story is very much a traditional one - he works and she accompanies him, taking on a myriad of roles throughout my life. She raised my sister and myself, cooked for every reception for up to 30 people, organised countless fundraising events, christmas markets, diplomatic ladies circles, took care visiting VIPs, learned the local languages, trained house staff, organised large receptions and so on... 

While there is nothing wrong with that path then and now, it is one that isn’t for everyone. With  easy online tools that cost close to nothing and don’t require you to have tech knowledge you now have something that my mother never did: 

a choice.

 I left a traditional but mobile career path in luxury hospitality to pursue an online career in 2011 and have not looked back. Since then, I’ve absolved a Master’s in Organisational Behaviour, an image consulting degree, packed and unpacked many suitcases and boxes and worked with entrepreneurs and organisations based in  Australia, Austria, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, Finnland, Germany, India, Israel, Kenya, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Panama, the Philippines, Poland, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland and United Arab Emirates. 


If it’s so easy Anaïs, why isn't everyone doing it? 

I invite you to think differently:

Explore what your online career would look like if you did pursue one… and then look at the practicalities. This means considering the interface of:

  • What you love
  • What you are good at
  • What the world needs
  • What current problems can you solve that someone would be willing to spend money for


Most people don’t ever get past the mental clutter around:

  • bureaucratic difficulties 
  • complicated technology 
  • their own skills or worthiness
  • where to start

That sets you up for failure before you have even started. 



I take you through a hypothetical journey of online career building.

This allows you to:

  • feel out whether a location independent career is interesting for you
  • dream in uninhibited ways without letting the circumstances of your life suffocate any inspiration 
  • explore a concrete “business model” that you can consider and discuss with your family and weigh the pros and cons in your life reality 


Thank you Coco and Anaïs! After your workshops I felt relieved, courageous, open for new things and filled with JOY. This has shifted so much, so easily.
— Julie, Bistro Manager Posthotel, Healing Hotel of the World

How does it work? 


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