Thank you for your curiosity in designing a work magic intervention. My approach has been called rather different, so let me explain how we typically approach things:

In order to offer your business a truly personal concept that is in alignment with your desired outcomes and team personality, I've developed a 90-minute process to iterate the ideal content and format. This usually takes place in person with 3-5 key team members from various departments. You receive an à la minute intervention design, deep experience of my work and subsequent clarity on whether or not we are a match. Should we decide to work together, the workshop is on me. Otherwise, you merely cover my travel expenses and may use the curriculum design as you please. 

How does that sound?

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“I would find it difficult to imagine any enterprise that would not benefit from Anaïs’ insight. I was impressed with how she conceptualized a unique program to fit the needs of our group. The methods introduced by Anaïs really work and she delivers them with subtlety and grace, using her own special brand of magic.”
— Tara Osborne, Marketing Manager Zuken GmbH