Your guide to getting your (still imaginary) business thing going:

Launch That Thing

I have a few wild guesses about where you are: You’re a successful human being. You’re well-off, happily alive and probably have a reality that your past self didn’t imagine would ever happen. And yet… you’re tired with your work status quo. It feels dusty, typical and like the path well-travelled. It feels as though there’s something more there that you’re supposed to do….

That thing. You’ve have that project idea in your head that just won’t go away, no matter how hard you ignore it…

But somehow the translation from dreaming to doing hasn’t happened (where are all the fairy godmothers when you need one?). The truth is, you don’t know where to start and if you think about all the things you should-could do, your mind gets in the way: self-doubt and the voices of all sorts of bullshit monsters creep up:

“Why should anyone listen to me? After all, I’m just ... (insert unhelpful negative self-talk ).“

The bottom line of the mental circus is this: You keep your dreams to the quiet moments in between, your shower epiphanies go nowhere and you spend a lot of time distracting yourself with other much more meaningless things because the thought of starting that thing and then failing feels so daunting you don’t even start. (The thought of starting and then soaring and having to be the person you are dreaming to become probably feels equally scary.)

You‘re getting there.


To the that thing tipping point.

The place where the discomfort that comes from not doing that thing is larger than the snugness of your comfort zone. And when you‘ve reached that point and need a little help from a friend, I’m here.


Proudly introducing

Let‘s Work Magic: Launch That Thing

It’s a hands-on process based on 8 years of solid business know how and empirical business know how not. It was developed for and repeatedly refined in collaboration with hundreds of entrepreneurs that launched their thing. Launch that thing offers thought models, pick-you-ups and tricks at all the points at which most people’s resistance kicks in hard. It accounts for the inner transformation that needs to happen for you to allow yourself to show up and the outer messaging and courageous action for you to begin.

Here’s how it works:


+ Step 1: Dream

Dreaming is something we reserve for private musings, half-asleep imaginings, it’s something cute but unrealistic that children can get away with doing. We don’t take it seriously. But we should!

Dreaming is an act of engaging in what we desire without buying into the limitations of what we consider possible. Dreaming is the starting point of almost every successful business. Dreaming the missing bridge between desire and doing.

I help you tickle out what you really want and name all the possible manifestations of the thing you desire. We’ll fuel your thing with the importance of strategic dreaming and invite your fears and bullshit to come up and move through.

+ Step 2: Transform

We all have mental bullshit that keeps us on the couch rather than on the field doing that thing. It’s as normal as pooping and, just like pooping, usually is dealt with privately. But, in contrast to your bowel movements, keeping your bullshit to yourself gives it power over you. The easiest way to transform it is to let it all out. You’ll learn a delightful process for mental hygiene.

+ Step 3: Plan

Have you ever dreamed up a thing and when it came to planning it, you reverted back to uninspired to-do lists and thinking small, which felt so bland you ended up not doing anything at all?

That’s a specific kind of planning bullshit that’s kicking in related to the outdated belief that “a solid plan must be a stern, logical and serious-looking set of challenging, sometimes boring set of things to do that will require you to be a much more organised and committed human being than you currently are”. The trick is to bring a little of the dreaming magic into your planning. Your tool: the Let’s Work Magic Canvas - a handy little tool inspires by the business model canvas, except speaking to all parts of you - the logical and the dreamy, the shy and the grand.

+ Step 4: Express

No matter what that thing may be for you, in order to get it going, you’ll have to put it out there, which will require you express it. Whether your expression is a pitch, speech, website, pdf document or an important email, your core expression of that thing usually causes you to want to hide behind the sofa.

I’ve got your back and a few years of brand strategy and copywriting experience under my belt. I’ll help you balance words along the edge of your comfort zone to say just the words that that thing needs to command attention, magnetise and inspire action.

+ Step 5: Do

You can have the prettiest website and grandest idea, but if you don’t show up and share it with the world, it’s not going to have much impact. We’ll identify what courageous doing means for you: speaking at an event, inviting your followers to join a challenge, entering a collaboration with an influencer…

You’ll dream it and you’ll do it. I’ll make sure of that.

+ Step 6: Celebrate

We tend to think of celebration as the process of popping a bottle and lying on the beach when everything is over. While that’s great and we all need hammock time and breaks, we don’t tend to do it. Why? Because what seemed like our goal gets pushed further away the closer we get to it. In the beginning you may have thought launching your website is the goal and once you do that, you have a million other things on your list.

You can’t wait for the end of your never-ending to do list to celebrate.

Plus, celebration is much more than cheesecake and frolic. It means cultivating gratitude for where you are, learning from your path, deciding what you’re going to stop doing, what you want more of. It means closing doors and cleaning up to make room for new. And yes, it means resting. It means consciously welcoming the contraction that comes after a lot of expansion and enjoying your own cyclical nature.

Celebration is always the end point and the beginning. Of this programme and of every single call. Celebration is a practice that amplifies your presence, your courage and the smile on your face as you walk your path.

This process sounds like you? Here are the details:

Launch that thing is the 2-month signature curriculum I wish I would have had access to when I was ready to show up in the business world. You can choose from a number of formats depending on your needs - the maturity of your idea, how intensely you’d like to dive in and how much accountability you need to make sure you don’t wander off your path to smell some flowers and wake up three months later.

HARDCORE (for beginners)

You’re pretty clear on who you are and where you want to go. You want the shortest, most straightforward road there, minus the fluff.

This is a 6-session, 60 minute package, with homework for you to send before each session. It’s is for you if you are someone self-motivated enough to go to the gym/ floss your teeth consistently.

Your investment: 1940 € in 2 months


EXCLUSIVE (for pro’s)

You are ready to dive in deep but you need someone to check in with you and keep you going. You want plenty of check-points and more frequent online support.

You get: 8 x 90-minute sessions and 4 hours of weekly remote support, as well as exclusive access to my calendar.

Your investment: 4800 €

2 months

TANDEM (for beginners)

This is a 1:2 hardcore coaching package, with the benefits of an accountability buddy. You can either BYOB (bring your own buddy) or be matched with another applicant (whom you’ll stalk and get to know in advance).

If you’re a match, you’ll come on 6x 90 minute sessions together, compare your homework, have someone to rant and share with.

Your investment: 1440 € each in 2 months


FULL (for pro’s who appreciate service)

You know that unless someone is dedicated to holding this project with you every day, it’s not going to happen. You want to outsource an extra brain and receive daily check-ins to keep motivation high, bullshit in check and you on track. You get whenever-you-want-coaching as well as 2 hours of weekly copywriting support. Perfect if you want to launch the website, brand the brand and go from 0 to there fast.

Your investment: 5000€/month

We’ll define the scope and outcomes together.

*Additional phone and email support (or a flight for an in-person session over a cheese platter) are billed extra.