In most organisations, there’s a perceived gap between
work that makes people happy and work that’s profitable.

In many instances “success” seems to come at a personal price and the subconscious belief that “work is hard” underlies many systems, accepted business practices and career expectations.

If we want to co-create a digital and humanly connected world of work, it’s up to us to change how we do things.

I’m on a mission to graciously sneak into work environments in which the focus on bottom line seems to devalue wellbeing. I work with people and organisations who want to replace professional masks, grim pressure to perform and the remaining traces of autocracy with trust, productive co-creation and ease. Teams can work together effectively and happily.

Making that happen is my job:



What does leadership look like in a digital world, with a myriad of communication channels and thought schools for co-creation? How are leaders supposed to be directive, empowering, agile, systemic, passionate and data-driven all at once?

When the options are excessive and overwhelming, the sensible choice tends to be the simple one. Simply put, the world is hungry for authentic leaders who act with integrity.


Functional and healthy togetherness is no longer just “nice to have”. We now know that when teams are happy, they are also effective. Cultural and team development processes are taking the stage as enablers of an effective strategy.

But what is “togetherness” made of? What are the soft critical success factors we should be looking at? How do you foster trust and healthy collaboration?

Purpose Diagramm



We are only at the very beginning of a radical shift in how we work. Traditional career ladders are becoming wobbly and while we all cherish the freedom that comes with the future of work, our minds cannot quite shifted yet.

What happens to your business model, your internal and external communication, your brand and your priorities when you place purpose at the core of your work?

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About Anaïs

Anaïs Bock is a digital native, Organizational Behaviourist (MSc) and facilitator who works with Fortune 500 firms and entrepreneurs alike and speaks on international stages in fluent English, German and Spanish. Her international diplomatic upbringing and globetrotting career led to 17 moves between Venezuela, Thailand, Jordan, Spain, The Netherlands, Egypt and Germany and she still hasn’t had enough of traveling the world and meeting people from all walks of life.

Anaïs is in her 9th year of self-employment and has spearheaded her own approach to cultural transformation that fuses insights from organisational psychology, neuroscience and embodiment. She’s the creator of the four-part Purpose Diagram, The Purpose Test and Bullshit Monsters. Anaiïs is often invited to help foster humanness in a fast-paced digital world and close the apparent gap between work that feels good and work that makes good money. She enables leaders to convert a work culture governed by a pressure to perform into a sense of togetherness and supports organisations in granting the soft factors of success an official, research-based place at the board room table.

Also, she thinks it’s weird to write about yourself in 3rd person.
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Anaïs is a change maker, spending time with her is fun and insightful. She brings a quality of clear perception that causes you to re-evaluate whatever challenge you are facing. Suddenly you see you are dealing with a small obstacle rather than a mountain to be climbed. She has a lightness of being that does not skip the ‘hard stuff’ but instead embraces it all authentically, knowing that every challenge is simply a door to greater being.
— Tanmayo Lawson, Founder of Facial Harmony

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