Hi, I am Anaïs. It is REALLY nice to meet you.

I would like to take a risk here and share my truth with you. As if you were sitting right here, munching raspberries and dark chocolate with me, rather than somewhere in the world on the other side of a screen.

I am ridiculously excited about good business (the kind that does good, feels good and makes good money) and  pretty fabulous at broadcasting people’s brilliance in accessible ways. My role is to identify what’s working and what’s not and to create fun ways of being and communicating in business. I am international and people-loving, the hugging kind. I am all for authenticity, deep joy and strategic dreaming. I am a bridge for diverse people, projects, languages, missions, and status-quo-changing ideas.

I am able to hold you in your right now, wherever you are. I can see your enoughness and your more than enoughness. I remind you why you started it all. I am your rain boots of persistent dancing. I am here to claim the balance of loud, unbridled business joy.

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