Rates & Packages

How much time do we need together?


It’s hard to say until I know where you're at and where you want to go. Figuring out an authentic and powerful angle to broadcast your brilliance can take 3 sessions or 3 months. If you have no clue, start with a toe-dip and we’ll go from there.


toe dip

1x 45 minute session
1x free business tool

The first step.

For you to:

  • Ask me anything
  • Get a plan
  • Feel out if we're a fit for bigger work magic

You'll identify a creative and absolutely-within-your-current-power strategy. Often we have no idea how much work something takes. I listen to your goals and identify what you need*. This way you can save approximately 739 hours of futile business development (that's an approximate estimate).


up to the waist

3x 60min sessions
60min copy optimisation
2x free business tools

For you if:

  • You've been doing this for a while, know yourself and know what you're good at
  • You need help with focus and drive to get yourself from the land of the confused and stuck to the land of YES

OR: use this as a starter kit to start thinking about what you are doing in the world.

You receive a project intervention plus I'll give that about page the laser-focused polish it needs. For best results, DIY it like a champagne drinking champion in between sessions.


Skinny dip    

8x 60min sessions
180min copy optimisation
4x free business tools

For you if:

  • It's time and you are ready to show up in the world with your thing
  • You've been working on this for a while and have hit a roadblock
  • You need help launching your project, nailing what it's about or designing a website or implementing an easy communication strategy with magnetic copy 

You are led through the full work magic process, from dreaming to doing, taking into consideration exactly where you're at right now. 


full immersion 4999€

10x 60 minute sessions
900min copywriting
2x virtual VIP days**
Access to all business tools

For you if:

  • The world needs what you have to give, you have mastery of your skills, but are unclear on how to name them and turn it all into a healthy business
  • Writing about what you do feels daunting and the thought of someone doing it for you is heaven
  • You want your role to be knowing and naming what you desire, providing content and enjoying the delicious development of your project

This is a full-service version of the skinny dip.

Let's work magic. 

*Branding and broadcasting takes deep inner work and often quite a bit of time. It's an investment. I am committed to being a clear guide for your process and realistic about which package serves you.  

**The VIP days are full-blown online strategy days in which we work together in intervals and the whole day is dedicated to strategy and copywriting for you. It comes with playlists and suggested content for your fridge (hint: one of the items has a cork).


Working with Anais is like journeying into the house of wonders! I have not experienced a single dull moment during the entire process. Every session, every exercise, every observation was full to the brim with exploration, surprises and learning. Anais held space for me in every sense of the word. She will not let you get away with hiding behind your own bullshit, but she does it with such lightness and gentle clarity. I had no idea that working on my career in this way was even possible and that getting my shit together could be coupled with such deep self-exploration, healing and fun! She delivered exactly what I needed, when I needed it and pulled out so much passion and inspiration that it is difficult for me to even view this as work! To create in this way, with this much joy is a true blessing.
— Sarah El Sawi, Founder of Women by the Sea

Frequently Unasked Questions


How do I pick a package? 

Two options. You can simply pick a toe dip to feel it out. Alternatively, pick whatever package speaks to you. You pay a 150€ deposit to reserve your spot. That amount gets discounted from the package price once we've identified the right fit for you. Should we realise that your needs and my services don't match, that's all you will pay.

What happens after I book a session?

After paying your 150€ deposit, you will be directed to a quick survey where you can give me all the stalkable specs so we will be able to hop right in at your booked appointment slot. We will jam together to dream, plan, look at your expression (because whatever we come up with usually contains a piece for you to share with the world) and then celebrate how much we got done and what your next steps are. 

I pledge for every session to feel enriching, deep and fun. 


Having been raised a globetrotting diplomat's child who answered her teacher's question "do you speak any foreign languages?" with an earnest "no" since English, Spanish and German didn't feel foreign, I get along with a bunch of people. Especially wild taxi drivers. 

Having said that, we probably won't get much magic done if you firmly believe that work should be hard, are a money extremist (think it's inherently bad or want to do it just for the money) and hate the sound of dreaming as a business practice.

I am deeply committed to living a life of joy.

What are the business tools all about and how do i pick?

Since 2011, I've developed a collection of business tools that serve to answer specific burning questions like "what the flying fudge do I name my business?" or "why and how do I figure out a specific audience when everyone could benefit from my product?" or "how do I stop myself from having a panic attack when I think about tomorrow's pitch?". 

My collection is so expansive that it covers every common entrepreneurial ailment. Just ask away and I shall hook you up with just the medicine you need (even if you don't know what you need). Spoonful of sugar and all.

Side note: Currently in the process of bringing together all these handy lifesaving business tools in an incredibly unboring and sexy online format that is being launched secretly on the sidelines to a select group of people. If you want to request an invitation get in touch. Until the launch is official, my 1:1 clients are the only ones who have access. 

does this work for product or service-based entrepreneurs?

I have worked with graphic designers, opera singers, social entrepreneurs, every type of coach you could possibly imagine, fashion designers, tv and radio presenters, a shaman, tech startups, holistic health workers, a law firm manager, artists, festival founders, restaurant owners, five-star hotels and one of the world's largest international fashion retailers.

The people and businesses I have worked with are from Colombia, Spain, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Uganda, Ecuador, Pakistan, Bolivia, Poland, Philippines, Australia, Canada, USA, Mongolia, the Netherlands, UK, Austria and Germany (in approximate favourite food order). 

They are a colourful lot from diverse industries and I feel deeply honoured that they all have one thing in common: they care. 


It’s easy for me to stay in big picture - dream up the vision and get stuck in “wow” land. I knew that if I was going to actually make this life-long dream happen, it was going to take some strategy. Working with Anais not only gave me that strategy, but also the soul I was wanting. She doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear, but what you NEED to hear. No elaborate funnel sequences or 14 point plans. Just the truth and a whole lot of love along the way. If you are looking for someone to bring in strategy (not the “6/7 figure blueprint strategy”) - I mean the strategy that aligns with every part of your being - reach out to this gifted woman.
— Joshua Barad, Chief Uncomfortablist & Head Coach at In The Middle Seat