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Anaïs Bock is a digital native, Organizational Behaviourist (MSc) and the founder of the Berlin-based boutique consultancy Let’s Work Magic. She works with Fortune 500 firms and entrepreneurs alike and speaks on international stages in fluent English, German and Spanish. Her international diplomatic upbringing and globetrotting career led to 17 moves between Venezuela, Thailand, Jordan, Spain, The Netherlands, Egypt and Germany and she still hasn’t had enough of traveling the world and meeting people from all walks of life.

Anaïs has been self-employed since 2011 and spearheaded her own approach to cultural transformation that fuses insights from organisational psychology, neuroscience and embodiment. She’s the creator of the four-part Purpose Diagram, The Purpose Test and Bullshit Monsters. Anaïs is often invited to help foster humanness in a fast-paced digital world and close the apparent gap between work that feels good and work that makes good money. She enables leaders to convert a work culture governed by a pressure to perform into a sense of togetherness and supports organisations in granting the soft factors of success an official, research-based place at the board room table.


Anaïs' work has been dubbed magic by workshop participants and entrepreneurs alike. Her approach is affectionate and authentic on purpose, offering a refreshing alternative to often serious or stiff training and consulting techniques. Her curricula are based on a combination of organisational psychology, emotional intelligence, holistic approaches from the disciplines of kinesiology and the Integral Touch of Facial Harmony, neuroscience and non-verbal communication. She employs all the methods she teaches and considers herself both a continuous student and teacher who is quick to share her backstage stories as a means to inspire and empower.

Having lived internationally and worked with people from all walks of life, Anaïs is deeply committed to creating joy-filled business systems that work for all, regardless of gender identification, nationality, social status or spiritual beliefs. Let's Work Magic is her digital home for changing the way business works.


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1988: Born in Caracas to a German dad and a Venezuelan mom. Dumped milk for papaya juice.

1989-1999: Moved to Bonn where sister Marisol was born. It was love at first sight (the sister). Relocations to Bangkok, Thailand and back to Bonn. Spoke German to dad, Spanish to mom and English with her sister. Learned diplomatic etiquette and Reiki-I by the age of 8. 

2000- 2003: Moved to Madrid. Wore baggy pants, a fake nose piercing and danced hip hop like a rockstar. 

2003-2006: Moved to Berlin. Got rid of the baggy pants and danced flamenco and salsa instead. Became a Facial Harmony practitioner at age 17. 

2007-2010: Moved to The Hague and went to hospitality management school. Didn't tell anyone about her holistic side because wine studies and meridians didn't seem to go together at the time. Specialised in training management skills, worked as a Duty Manager of the training and study hotel. 

2010-2011: Moved to Cairo for her first 'real' job and management training with a luxury hotel group. Opened a Spa, hired and trained everyone. Ran the PR department for a bit and trained butlers twice her age. 

2011-2012: Teargas and the Arab Spring. Left the country for a few months. Quit hospitality but went back to Cairo. Became a certified image consultant with the London Image Institute. Immediately launched first workshop in Cairo "How to look taller and slimer within 10 seconds". From then on spell-checked all her marketing material. Joined Birkbeck University of London for a distance course in Organisational Behaviour in case entrepreneurship failed. Worked with first entrepreneurial clients. 

2012-2015: Moved to Munich. Survived German bureaucracy. Spoke at every entrepreneurial gathering and networking event possible. Ran weekend workshops. Developed curricula based on her own mistakes. Coined business bullshit. Was hired for authentic business communication, pitching and broadcasting brilliance. Launched Europe's first large women entrepreneur's conference and 'failed'. Graduated from Master's degree with a thesis on the isolation of self-employed online workers. It was self-therapy. Took a much-needed month off in Lisbon. 

2016: Moved to Berlin. Joined The Do School as an external consultant, trainer and coach to social entrepreneurs. Facilitated a month-long customer service training in Barcelona for H&M Spain and Portugal. Pulled together the individual strands of work under the Work Magic Method. Ran the first Work Magic Retreat by the Red Sea. 

2017: Took a month off to write in a cabin in Spain. Ran a retreat in Spain. Wrote a chapter in a best-selling business book. Ran a workshop at a Healing Hotel of the World and, together with an energetic business consultant, developed a Deep Hospitality Test with holistic key performance indicators, giving business language to energetic work. Moved within Berlin, moderated the Falling Walls lab and renovated an apartment. Ate the world's best peanut butter banana ice cream. Launched rebranded site.

2018: Spoke at the Healing Summit, Business Leaders Malta and turned 30. Joined a delightful network of holistic trainers, co-facilitated a 2-day intensive for Mercedes-Benz, became a certified Neurocolor trainer, learned to say GDPR without rolling her eyes, planted herbs and can frequently be found in airplanes or in her hammock.

Call it ‘magic.’ Never has an experience been so emotional and productive, reviving and purposeful. The notion of pressing pause in the race that is LIFE is a dying art - to pause and reflect, to pause and reboot, to pause and create, to pause and inhale. I went on this retreat, with no clue what to expect; I knew it could’ve been a textbook-style, wishy washy motivational flop, or it could have been this.

Everyone has their ‘passion project’: some have it buried so deep that they have forgotten they have it, others fall asleep thinking about it but are overwhelmed with the “BULLSHIT” that they never take action. Anais did the impossible, in guiding us to dig to the deepest layer of our passions and dreams, to come out with a raw visualization of our dream. And then face the million and one bullshits along the way, to create a Dream Canvas that answers all the Why? Who? and How’s? needed to materialize our passion project.

Every single one of us women, came out stronger, happier, energized, confident and most importantly, with a meaningful business concept to start on TOMORROW. Thank you Anais. Indeed, this is only the beginning.
— Jenan Sheta, Presidential Associate at Tom Ford Beauty