Team Development

Good work requires a good team. But what does this mean beyond being a collective of high performance individuals that works hard to reach challenging goals? What are the prerequisites for happy team effectiveness, especially on a leadership level?

The challenge in leadership teams is managing the complexity of interpersonal dynamics while running the operation; finding a balance between inspiring your people to unfold their potential, while also providing clear asks and not forgetting teaming at the leadership. Leaders need to learn to own their power in driving both results and creating a collective vibe. They are challenged to live the culture they want to see at the team level within their leadership team, hereby acting as role models and making the strong decisions that are necessary for processes and structures to enable living the desired culture.

Leadership Team development is about replacing “we’ve always done things this way” with “why don’t we do this differently?”. It’s about detecting conquer-and-divide mentalities and showing how much more we can get done when we don’t stand in each other’s way. It’s about making room for trust, rather than demanding it.

For team development initiatives to be effective, they also need to consider the operational reality and context, which are becoming increasingly wild: Change on the road to digitalisation, an abundance of possible communication channels and tools for teamwork and innovation, a general acceleration of decision-making, the usual pressure to perform, all while secretly wondering “how do we foster humanness and a healthy sense of togetherness?”.

I love co-creating and facilitating bespoke team interventions that build trust, increase a team’s effectiveness and create an experience that everyone wants to take home. My box of tricks is research-based and empirically tested. And please know this: it only makes sense to work with me if you’d like to deeply enjoy the process and have fun while you disrupt how you work together.

We needed to build a workshop that would be the foundation for developing trust in our team. It was one of the greatest collaborations I’ve had so far. Anaïs managed to understand the whole context very fast and bring forward a mix of techniques that were really valuable for the whole team. We had a wonderful session that fully delivered our initial objective: to start getting together as a team with all our strengths, but also our vulnerabilities. Honestly, I can’t wait to work with Anaïs again!
— Doru-Catalin Luchian, Senior Team Development Manager & HR Business Partner at Babbel
Anaïs Bock was an excellent support for for our new team’s kick-off workshop. Her use of the Neurocolor communication preferences was a great basis for the mutual understanding of our team members and their collaboration in the future. Thank you so much!
— Axel Schmidt, Business Development Mobility, Own Retail Germany, Daimler
Anaïs Bock showed an outstanding performance and significant contribution in the departments that she trained with.
— Samy Younis, Director of People Management, Kempinski Nile Hotel
I love Anaïs’ sunny personality and easy-going nature! She gives lively, informative and engaging workshops and people love her.
— Lynne Marks, President London Image Institute