Purpose Test

How does The Purpose Test work?

The test was developed based on 6 years of empirical work with hundreds of entrepreneurs from 20 countries and all walks of life. It shows you where you are, where you are probably not, what may be holding you back and how to potentially think and act, considering what you have.

The main premise is this:

We all desire work that we love, are great at, are paid for and that the world needs. On our non-linear way there, we are all held back by our own little combination of fears, mental barriers, societal norms, outdated beliefs and/ or naysayers’ input, which I collectively and lovingly refer to as “bullshit”.

In my consulting work, I began to identify patterns of bullshit, similar stories people’s inner voices were telling them, no matter where they came from, how much they earned or what sense of possibility they had been raised with. I began clustering these patterns of bullshit together until they developed an individual voice, a character of their own you could say. Each position on the diagram correlates with a certain type of bullshit, a bullshit monster.

Viewing your inner resistance as a bullshit monster is useful because it becomes an “it”, which helps you move from stuckness, self-loathing and pressure (when you identify with the unhelpful thoughts in your head) to self-compassion, humour and choice.

My hope is that your journey navigating towards purpose, is a joy-drenched one, on which your bullshit monsters make you laugh more than anything.

With a mischievous twinkle in my eye,