The Work Magic Method

Creating things that don’t want to be created the “normal” way

We live in an ever-changing world and today it is easier than ever to launch your own passion project, run an online business and freely design your every day. But most of us don’t. Why?

Because we still believe it takes an incredible and unique idea (which we probably don’t have), complicated strategies (that we probably don’t know) and the willingness to market ourselves constantly pitching, selling and making deals (which we sincerely don’t want).

We are still stuck in the old work paradigm, where you need a piece of paper certifying you for your every business move and where only 30 years of experience and a track record of “success” prove your expertise. 

We have taken everything that feels heavy, difficult and disconnected in project and business planning and have turned it into a 4-step process that feels magical: Dream, Plan, Express & Celebrate.


This process has been used to develop over 300 businesses, social initiatives and side projects in a solo or group format, over 4 hours, 4 days and 4 weeks. The important piece is to allocate the same amount of time to each step. I sometimes use the process to launch a new project within 21 days. If you want to know more, tell me.  


Dream is about tapping into your intrinsic motivation and allowing desire to surface in a safe space, free of judgment, ego or action-driven thoughts about manifestation. In the process of freeing what you desire, you become aware and gently let go of tags, opinions and self-judgments that inhibit your growth.


Plan takes you through a process of playful priority identification, by exploring what actions you can take on what we call different trigger layers. We give you the tools to explore beyond the brain-driven and obvious courses of action.


Express gives you the communication tools to turn your ideas into a reality by bringing support on board. In expressing your concept, we identify the remaining blockages you may feel in our body or your words. You will learn to craft words that feel right and boldly step into a bigger version of yourself. You are left with a communication tool that represents the foundation for all of your future marketing material.


Celebrate gives you the space to be rather than do. This is the often-undervalued phase for information to ripen into knowledge, for reflection, appreciation and the integration of all that we have learned, to prepare ourselves for the next phase out there, of making it all happen …


The Work Magic Method is like the lovechild of a meditation teacher and a business advisor. It was such a relief to be told what I always suspected, that I did not need to put myself through the hair-pulling trials of creating a traditional ‘business plan’, and Anaïs’ alternative to this is just inspired.

Work Magic Method helped me get a cacophony of disparate ideas into something logical yet beautiful, and all of my magic remained intact. I won’t pretend there wasn’t some deep work involved, but the work was a pleasure. Not only did it help me get started, but it is a tool I can come back to time and again whenever I feel the need to develop something new. Thank you Anaïs, you’ve changed the game for holistic solopreneurs like me!
— Katrina Beath, Rider Confidence Recovery


a new view of personality through neuroscience and psychology

For decades, organisations have turned to personality tests to identify predominant types, their needs and try to accommodate these by creating a corporate approach that works for all. Traditional tests such as DISC, Myers Briggs, the Big Five are largely based on Jungian thought models. But if you ask me, static, typology-based methods rooted in research from the 1920s isn’t the most useful for helping us navigate  today’s hyper connected, ever-evolving world.

Neurocolor is a novel personality assessment rooted in neuroscience that I happen to be certified for. It can be used to help an individual gain self-knowledge and navigate in a new direction or help teams evolve and better support and understand each other.

I’ll gladly send you more info and chat about how it would apply to your context. Hit me up.