Here are some ways in which we can work magic together:


You want to launch a business that brings meaning & Money?

Anais Bock founder of Let's Work Magic

You want to retain & empower your purpose-driven millenial talent?


You have a burning question that needs answering?

Long gone are the days you happily worked the same job for 20 years,
looking forward to the good days post-retirement.


This is the era of and's. You want a good life and a sense of purpose and stability and the freedom to kitesurf when there is wind and the ability to say a heartfelt yes to a bloody married brunch on Tuesday. You want to travel the world and invest in real estate and be creative and have an impact and change your mind and earn a consistent income and never stop learning and playing and dancing. 

There is good news and bad news.

The good news is this: 

1) There is a gigantic and free thing called the Internet that allows you to earn money and do great things wherever you are and without quitting your job, life or responsibilities. You get to create your own career, whether you want to be employed, run a business, found a social movement for more global hugs or a combination thereof.

2) You don't have to wear a professional mask or be bossy, cool and distant in order to be a successful thought/business/life leader. In fact, the world is hungry for authentic, empathic people with real smiles who manage to sprinkle their professionalism with a tad of quirkiness. 

The bad news? 

Most organisations and brains on this planet haven't caught onto the possibilities. There are a lot of structural and perceived mental barriers (that I lovingly refer to as bullshit) in your own brain, in the brains of the people who surround you and in the very ways businesses are built and set up to function.

We need to change that.